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Coming Soon! (Postponed due to COVID-19 lockdown)
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AT A TIME WHEN THE WORLD IS AT DISCONNECT… Discover how you can join the dots to God, Faith and a Caring Community

It feels like a downward spiral for countless around the globe. Unforeseen tragedies, manmade catastrophes – it is no wonder people are disconnecting at this time of uncertainty. We’re all asking the questions:

  • WHY is the world in such a mess?
  • HOW did we get this way?
  • IS there any hope for the future?

This is an invitation for you to read with us and learn from the Bible. We will discover GOOD NEWS and HOPE that Bible prophecy unfolds for us.

POSTPONED (due to COVID-19 lockdown)

6:15pm start with a delicious bowl of hot and healthy vegetarian soup
7:15pm CONNECT through the Revelations of the BIBLE

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Bible Studies

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Let’s face it. The Bible can be a really confusing book. But, the good news is that you don’t have to read it alone.

Contact us for details of online Zoom Bible studies which are held on:
Tuesday’s at 7pm
Thursday’s at 5pm
Friday’s at 7pm
Saturday’s at 2:30pm

Contact us for details

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Join us for a

Prayer Meeting

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Once a week we get together at Church and over Zoom and spend time in prayer. We pray for a wide variety of things.

Wednesdays 7-8pm, in person, at church.

Because prayer works. It can provide comfort, peace, guidance and answers.

Contact us for details or if you have a prayer request.

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Recipe Club

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Currently in recess.

You can see the past recipes on our YouTube channel.

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Art Meet-up

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Held on Sundays once a month.

Click here for details on the Woollahra Painting Meetup group.

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Find out what we’re up to!

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